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Till Lindemann — I Hate Children

And eating an apple at the same time
My dear Lord wants to punish me
The pain in the neck doesn’t want to sleep
Nor does it stop screaming at all

Léo Ferré — With Time

With time,
it goes, everything goes
The other whom we took for a pain in the neck, for a nothing
The other to whow we gave the boot and jewelry

Bagarre — Slap him

[Chorus 3] (x2)
Because bad boy likes slaps
Naughty boy or pain in the neck**
Naughty games or Boy games***

India Martínez — The payo

Because even if I don’t know you, I know what you’re thinking about

Oh, look boy, don’t be a pain in the neck
Because I have been warning you for a long time

Gims — ABCD

Do you want the truth or us to sing ‘we’ll all get along’
When you know what I know, it’s difficult to go and get your vaccines
Apparently you’re a terror, or maybe just a pain in the neck
Tell the paedophiles that their crime isn’t a minor offence (5)

Golden Bomber — Unmanly

And yet I’m unmanly, unmanly
Unmanly, unmanly
So unmanly like a pain in the neck

Mine & Fatoni — Romcom

. .. the things is, I want to have kids at some point»
She says: «Sorry, but that’s probably not going to happen with me»
I say: «Come on, this film’s a pain in the neck
We’d better watch a romcom»

Turkic Epics — The Epic Of Manas Part 1

withholding them anyway? Show me my infant, darling, my tiny one,
no matter what happens, back up your horse and bring it home, come on! Would my child be desserted in the sahra, you old man,
what a pain in the neck you are!» she yelled by flowing a few tears from her very eyes, Çıyırdı’s life became upside-down, she was twining as if she was1like a bug fell into a fire, among these poor servants, is there a woman who wouldn’t feel upset after getting bad news from their one and only son like Çıyırdı? In this world of women, is there another poor soul
who twines like Çıyırdı without giving a helping hand to their son? Cakıp, received another bad news before even arriving at the aula,

  • 1. Obsolete word for «Squirm»

Damso — Rose Marthe’s Love

Mom I love you, love

So many war wounds, so many wounds from father to son
I’ll only know a third of them, you get tense from the pain in your neck

Yas — My Identity

Our unity is an anxiety for the enemy
Iran’s name is an honor for us
Our respect for Iran is a pain in the neck1
Who want to injure her

  • 1. in Persian: A thorn in the eye

Âşık Veysel — Heart, I advise you

I became old, you become young
A pain in the neck, where did you come from
In turn you fall and rise

Bradio — Sparkling Night

you break the jinx and smile in the neon

It’s fine wandering about, right? A pain in the neck
Appearing and disappearing, just talking to myself

Reginaldo Rossi — Waiter!

Waiter! I know
I’m a pain in the neck
but every drunkard is annoying,

Kill la Kill (OST) — Light your heart up

Cuz I see you feeling down 
I’ll be trying to calm and fade it 
But you don’t wanna turn around 
Teenagers,so complicated 

Adult Trainee (OST) — On the Floor

Back in my back you talk to talk
then wanna ditch me bad, and gotta go?
Pain in the neck you shady girls
You knew that I?m gonna care ‘bout ya?

Melina Aslanidou — You dont learn

It will take me ages to find myself
For your own sake stop Your way of loving
Because you’ll become a pain in the neck

Die Ärzte — The Day

But love has gone away and bad words came.
You called me beast names and even nastier ones.
I called you bitch and pain in the neck,
And from that moment on we went separate ways.

Sido — She Stays

She just won’t go
No, she’s staying
And has been a pain in the neck for an eternity
So I’d much rather just stay single now

Comedian Harmonists — Can You Whistle, Johanna?

«Keep gargling, Johanna,
because gargling is fun.
Do you sometimes have a pain in the neck
or is your throat sore?

Mor ve Ötesi — Festus

Their cares are those who are out of step.

Who am I? a troublemaker, a pain in the neck?
Would I survive?

Идиомы английского языка с переводом, содержащие упоминания частей тела

🕓 10 февраля 2017 👁️ 24724

To make money hand over fist 

грести деньги лопатой

Tight-fisted [ˌtaɪt’fɪstɪd]

скаредный, скупой

To be one’s own flesh and blood

быть чьей-то плотью и кровью

He has itchy feet.  

Ему не сидится на месте.

To be light on one’s feet

быть легким на подъем

To get back on one’s feet

снова встать на ноги

To get cold feet


To have one foot in the grave

стоять одной ногой в могиле

To put one’s feet up 


To put one’s foot in it 

дать маху, попасть впросак

To put one’s foot down

занять твёрдую позицию, принять твёрдое решение

To have a gut feeling

чувствовать / чуять нутром

To let one’s hair down 

не сдерживать себя, дать себе волю

At first hand

непосредственно, из первых рук

To bite the hand that feeds one

отплатить кому-л. чёрной неблагодарностью

To catch smb red-handed

застать кого-л. на месте преступления, захватить кого-л. с поличным

To gain the upper-hand

одержать победу, взять верх, иметь превосходство

To lend a (helping) hand

помочь кому-л

To live from hand to mouth

жить впроголодь

Off the top of one’s head

не думая, не подумав, не задумываясь

To be head over heels in love

влюбиться по уши

To laugh one’s head off

покатиться со смеху, оборжаться

To shake one’s head

покачать головой

From the bottom of one’s heart

от (всей) души, от всего сердца

To be on one’s last legs

быть на последнем издыхании

To pull smb’s leg

морочить голову кому-то, дурачить

To be a pain in the neck

надоедливый, действующий на нервы человек, зануда

To breathe down smb’s neck

стоять у кого-л над душой

To pay through the nose

платить бешеные деньги, платить втридорога

To poke one’s nose into smth

совать свой нос в чужие дела

A shoulder to cry on 

жилетка, в которую можно поплакать

To shrug one’s shoulders

пожимать плечами

To get under smb’s skin

задевать за живое, сидеть у кого-л. в печёнках

To have butterflies in one’s stomach

душа замирает; мурашки по спине бегают

To have a lump in one’s throat

комок в горле

A slip of the tongue

обмолвка, оговорка

It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Это вертится у меня на языке.

To have a sweet tooth

быть сладкоежкой



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