Слова-антонимы в английском языке. Handsome антоним

Антонимы английских слов - словарь антонимов в английском языке с переводом

  English Word Перевод Antonims
1 Ability способность антонимы ability: unskillfulness, impotence, incompetence, weakness, incapability
2 Able способный антонимы able: incapable, inadequate, incompetent, inefficient, inept, weak, mediocre, unskillful, unfit
3 Above Выше антонимы above: below, beneath, under, underneath, inferior, lesser
4 Absent отсутствующий антонимы absent: attendant, present, alert, attentive, aware, conscious
5 Accept принимать антонимы accept: disbelieve, refuse, reject, disagree, non-consent
6 Accurate точный антонимы accurate: incorrect, inaccurate, inexact, wrong, false, erroneous
7 Active активный антонимы active: dormant, dull, idle, inactive, inoperative, lazy, slow, sedentary, sluggish, torpid, unimaginative
8 Admire восторгаться антонимы admire: despise, blame, condemn, disapprove
9 Admit признавать антонимы admit: disown, disavow, deny, dispute, disclaim
10 Always всегда, постоянно антонимы always: hardly ever, infrequently, once in a blue moon, once in a while, only now and then, rarely, scarcely, ever seldom
11 Amazing удивительный антонимы amazing: ordinary, normal, common, everyday, commonplace, average, habitual, usual
12 Annoy раздражать антонимы annoy: please, charm, oblige, gratify, gladden, delight
13 Answer ответ антонимы answer: query, interrogation, defiance, question
14 Appearance вид антонимы appearance: formless, distorted, skeleton, insulting
15 Appropriate присваивать антонимы appropriate: release, relinquish, open, loosen, incorrect
16 Before до, прежде антонимы before: succeeding, after, behind, alter, following, subsequently, afterward
17 Benefit прибыль, выгода антонимы benefit: harm, loss, disadvantage, damage, injury, calamity
18 Bore скучный или глубый человек антонимы bore: thinker, genial, listener, entertainer, amusing
19 Borrow заимствовать антонимы borrow: lend, advance, give invent, improve, make, credit
20 Brave храбрый антонимы brave: afraid, cowardly, daunted, timid, intimidated, unheroic
21 Break ломать антонимы break: continuation, connection, attach, fasten, join, unite
22 Breed разводить антонимы breed: destroy, slay, murder, annihilate, kill
23 Bright яркий антонимы bright: dull, dim, foolish, dark, ignorant, faint
24 Busy занятый антонимы busy: indolent, idle, inactive, lazy, unoccupied, inert, passive, relaxed
25 Call звать антонимы call: remove, dismiss, discharge, exile, banish
26 Calm спокойный антонимы calm: agitate, excite, perturb, crisis, disturb, fluster
27 Care забота, уход антонимы care: remissness, temerity, neglect
28 Careful заботливый антонимы careful: negligent, heedless, sloppy, slipshod
29 Catching привлекательный антонимы catching: unpleasant, ugly, unattractive, revolting, loathsome, repellant, odious, disagreeable
30 Certain определенный антонимы certain: doubtful, indefinite, disputable, uncertain, ambiguous, equivocal, contestable
31 Change менять, изменять антонимы change: hold fast, stand, clinch, fix, maintain, sustain, stabilize, give way
32 Cheap дешево антонимы cheap: worthy, superior, noble, lofty, honorable, eminent, expensive, dear, costly
33 Cheerful веселый антонимы cheerful: sullen, gloomy, downcast, miserable, sad, woebegone
34 Class классифицировать антонимы class: disarrange, display, upset, disorder, confuse, derange
35 Clean чистить антонимы clean: corrupt, infect, defile, soil, pollute, taint
36 Clear чистый антонимы clear: blurred, confused, doubtful, foggy, vague
37 Clever умный антонимы clever: foolish, dull, doltish, incapable, stupid
38 Cold холодный антонимы cold: hot, passionate, warm, balmy
39 Comfortable комфортный антонимы comfortable: irritating, disagreeable, displeasing, aggravating, distressed, disturbed
40 Common общий антонимы common: unusual, frequent, extraordinary, exceptional, unfamiliar, choice, refined, cultured, polished, gentle
41 Competent компетентный антонимы competent: inadequate, incapable, incompetent, inexperienced, inexpert, unqualified, unskilled
42 Considerate тактичный антонимы considerate: rude, heedless, negligent
43 Convenient удобный антонимы convenient: untoward, inconvenient, cumbersome, heavy
44 Courage храбрость антонимы courage: cowardice, timidity, diffidence, pusillanimity
45 Cruel жестокий антонимы cruel: human, merciful, sympathetic, tender, kind, compassionate
46 Dark темный антонимы dark: blond, blonde, fair, fair-haired, flaxen-haired, light, bright, cheerful, clear, genial, glad, hopeful, pleasant
47 Decrease снижение антонимы decrease: increase, enlarge, enhance, extend, argument, advance, intensify
48 Defeat поражение антонимы defeat: prevail, triumph, win, overthrow, vanquish
49 Dependence зависимость антонимы dependence: delivery, permission, license, independence, discharge, play, latitude, release, free, trade, swing, foolscap
50 Destroy уничтожить антонимы destroy: make, repair, restore, reinstate, build, create, devise, establish
51 Diligent прилежный антонимы diligent: slack, lazy, indolent, idle, slothful
52 Dirty грязный антонимы dirty: clean, pure, unsoiled, unsullied, virginal
53 Dry сухой антонимы dry: damp, wet, moistened, fresh, lively, moist, soggy
54 Dull скучный антонимы dull: interesting, spirited, enthralling, lively
55 Easy легкий антонимы easy: arduous, complex, difficult, formidable, onerous, stressful, hard, harsh, rigid, stern, anxious, formal, unnatural, impossible
56 Encourage поощрять антонимы encourage: dissuade, discourage, abash, dishearten, thwart, hinder
57 Enormous огромный антонимы enormous: diminutive, dwarf, infinitesimal, insignificant, lilliputian, little, meager, microscopic, meager, minute, petite, small, tiny, trivial
58 Excellent отличный антонимы excellent: mediocre, faulty, imperfect, poor, second–class
59 Excite возбуждать антонимы excite: compose, soothe, allay, hush, mollify, quell, appease, quieten, pacify, lull
60 Fabulous Fabulous антонимы fabulous: actual, common, commonplace, credible, genuine, natural, ordinary, real
61 Famous известный антонимы famous: obscure, fugitive, inglorious, unknown
62 Fat толстый антонимы fat:  emaciated, thin, slim
63 Find находить антонимы find: forget, miss, mislay, misplace, overlook
64 Finish заканчивать антонимы finish: begin, start, open, initiate
65 Generous щедрый антонимы generous: greed, niggardly, chary, sparing, light, selfish, parsimonious
трудный антонимы hard: easy, simple, plain, flexible, malleable, pliable, weak, soft
67 Hate ненавидеть антонимы hate: be fond of, cherish, dote on, enjoy, esteem, fancy, like, love, relish, treasure, wish
68 Healthy здоровый антонимы healthy: sick, sickly, ill, unhealthy, weak, weakly, unsound
69 Heavy тяжелый антонимы heavy: trivial, easy, light, mild, agile, bearable, gentle
70 High высокий антонимы high: base, low, short, degraded, drafted, stunted, mild
71 Highest высочайший антонимы highest: undermost, lowest, deepest, bottom
72 Horrible ужасный антонимы horrible: agreeable, pleasant, delightful, pleasurable, charming, pleasing
73 Hot горячий антонимы hot: cold, cool, calm, soothing
74 Improve улучшать антонимы improve: spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, mar, damage, deprecate, impair
75 Include включать антонимы include: exclude, omit, leave out
76 Inner внутренний антонимы inner: outer, exterior, external, superficial
77 Just справедливый антонимы just: corrupt, devious, dishonest, inequitable, prejudiced, unfair, unjust, unlawful, untrue, inappropriate, undeserved, unfit
78 Kind добрый, хороший антонимы kind: cruel, callous, unfeeling, unkind, hard, hearted, insensible, harsh
79 Known известный антонимы known: closet, concealed, hidden, secret, unfamiliar, unknown, unrecognized, unrevealed
80 Large большой антонимы large: small, minute, delicate, sophisticated
81 Lazy ленивый антонимы lazy: active, smart, agile, up and doing
82 Learn учиться антонимы learn: forget, unlearn, miss, misunderstand, ignore
83 Learning изучение антонимы learning: ignorance, illiteracy, misunderstanding, unlearning
84 Liberty свобода антонимы liberty: captivity, compulsion, constraint, imprisonment, slavery, serfdom, servitude, oppression, obligation, thralldom
85 Lock закрывать антонимы lock: unlock, open, withdraw, disengage
86 Loud громкий антонимы loud: peaceful, silent, soft, taciturn, subdued
87 Love любить антонимы love: dislike, abhorrence, animosity, disgust, repugnance, antipathy, abomination, loathing, aversion, detestation
88 Loving любящий антонимы loving: bitter, cold, unaffectionate, aloof, cruel, hostile, mean
89 Luck везение антонимы luck: bad luck, misfortune, bad stroke, unfavorable, loss, missing
90 Mind рассудок, разум антонимы mind: body, matter, brown, brute force, material, substance
91 Miserable несчастный антонимы miserable: happy, cheerful, joyous, contended
92 Modern
антонимы modern: bygone, past, ancient, old fashioned
93 Modest скромный антонимы modest: conceited, pretentious, showy, overbearing, immodest
94 Moral нравственный, моральный антонимы moral: immoral, dishonorable, vicious, licentious, unprincipled, unrighteous
95 Necessary необходимый антонимы necessary: casual, worthless, needless, non essential, optional, unnecessary, useless
96 New новый антонимы new: old, ancient, aged, obsolete, antique, antiquated
97 Opinion мнение антонимы opinion: silence, dictation, non-committal, execution, order
98 Opportunity возможность антонимы opportunity: omission, lapse, neglect, leave undone
99 Optimistic оптимистичный антонимы optimistic: pessimist, dejected, drooping, disappointment, cheerless, hopeless
100 Ordinary обычный антонимы ordinary: extraordinary, one-in-a-million, uncommon, above the average, abnormally high, first rate, superior, distinguished
101 Organize организовать, сортировать антонимы organize: disorganize, muddle, bungle, dishevel
102 Original оригинальный антонимы original: final, last, antiquated, conventional, familiar, normal, old, ordinary, spoiled, standard, traditional, typical, usual
103 Perfect идеальный антонимы perfect: deficient, imperfect, flawed, incomplete, unfinished, defective
104 Pleasant приятный антонимы pleasant: awful, distasteful, displeasing, unpleasant, repulsive, unattractive, obnoxious
105 Polite вежливый антонимы polite: awkward, bluff, untaught, unpolished, uncouth, brusque, ill-bred, clownish, raw, insolent, insulting, discourteous
106 Poor бедный антонимы poor: rich, privilege, excellent, fortunate, happy, extraordinary
107 Possible возможный антонимы possible: impossible, incredible, unfeasible, impracticable, unachievable, inconceivable
108 Praise хвалить антонимы praise: abuse, vituperation, slander, scorn, repudiation, obloquy, reproof, hissing, disparagement, contempt, blame, condemnation
109 Prove подтверждать антонимы prove: refuse, negative, deny, refute, disprove
110 Push толкать антонимы push: pull, haul, drag, tow, draw, trail, jerk, deter, tug
111 Qualified квалифицированный антонимы qualified: amateur, apprentice, self-styled, trainee, uncertified, unqualified, untrained, outright, unconditional, unequivocal
112 Quick быстрый антонимы quick: listless, slow, inexpert, calm, patient, lazy, sluggish, calm, calculated
113 Quiet тихий антонимы quiet: excitement, tumult, commotion, turmoil, exasperate, disturb, aggravate, disquiet, enhance
114 Raise поднимать антонимы raise: depress, lower, decrease, diminish, lessen, reduce, descend
115 Refuse отказываться антонимы refuse: acquiesce, agree, grant, cede, admit, accede, assent, allow
116 Release выпускать антонимы release: bind, confine, enthrall, restrain
117 Respect уважение антонимы respect: contempt, disregard, disown, ignore
118 Rude грубый антонимы rude: civil, cultivated, polished, courteous, elegant, genteel, refined, sophisticated
119 Sad грустный антонимы sad: glad, gay, joyous, cheerful, excited, lively
120 Satisfy удовлетворять антонимы satisfy: annoy, displease, dissatisfy, exasperate, frustrate, give cause for complaint, fail to meet, dissuade, fail to persuade
121 Selfish эгоистичный антонимы selfish: generous, liberal, charitable, bountiful, lavish
122 Sensible здравомыслящий антонимы sensible: unaware, senseless, idiotic, stupid, asinine, foolish, unconscious, doltish
123 Shallow поверхностный антонимы shallow: wise, intelligent, shrewd, astute, discerning, deep, recondite, clever
124 Silly глупый антонимы silly: sensible, clever, wise, sapient, intelligent
125 Sincere искренний антонимы sincere: affected, untrue, feigned, half- hearted, hypocritical, insincere, pretended
126 Slow медленный антонимы slow: agile, fast, quick, rapid, speedy, lively
127 Smart умный антонимы smart: rugged, worn, untidy, shabby, unkempt, threadbare
128 Sociable общительный антонимы sociable: secluded, inimical, hostile, sequestered, puerile, giddy, peevish
129 Stop останавливаться антонимы stop: begin, activate, continue, quicken, purr
130 Strong сильный антонимы strong: powerless, delicate, feeble, faint, mild, timid, pale, weak, soft
131 Stubborn упертый антонимы stubborn: adaptable, complaint, irresolute, malleable, pliable, vacating, pliable, headstrong, inflexible, obstinate, docile, flexible
132 Stupid глупый антонимы stupid: bright, clever, intelligent, keen, smart
133 Thick толстый антонимы thick: narrow, slight, slim, thin, clear, diluted, runny, weak, bare, empty, free from, sparse
134 Thin тонкий антонимы thin: strong, sturdy, heavy, thick, bulky, adequate, plentiful, abundant, profuse, bountiful, wholesome
135 Timid робкий антонимы timid: audacious, brace, daring, confident, poised, aggressive, arrogance, fearless, shameless
136 Trust доверять антонимы trust: distrust, faithlessness, breaking of pledge, deception
137 Try пытаться, пробовать антонимы try: leave, drop, quit, give up, relinquish, abandon
138 Ugly уродливый антонимы ugly: attractive, beautiful, cute, gorgeous, handsome, lovely, pretty, pleasant, agreeable, charming
139 Usual обычный антонимы usual: occasional, specific, unusual, exceptional, peculiar, unparallel
140 Various различный антонимы various: identical, alike, same, similar, uniform, few, exceptional
141 Voluntary добровольный антонимы voluntary: enforced, imperative, compulsory, automatic, instinctive, obligatory
142 Weak слабый антонимы weak: energetic, hardy, healthy, strong, stout, sturdy, tough
143 Wet влажный антонимы wet: dry, arid, parch, parched, dehydrate
144 Wide широкий антонимы wide: narrow, cramped, confined, circumscribed, close, limited, small
145 Wild дикий антонимы wild: gentle, timid, harmless, domesticated
146 Young молодой антонимы young: mature, elderly, aged, ripe, late, full


Слова-антонимы в английском языке. Английские антонимы

Антонимы - это слова, противоположные по значению. Изучение антонимов в английском языке помогает обогатить лексику, делает вашу речь богаче. Изучение антонимов ускоряет пополнение словарного запаса и делает его более осмысленным.

Список распространенных английских антонимов


Above - below

absent - present

abundant - scarce

accept - decline, refuse

accident – intent

accomplishment - failure

accurate – inaccurate

achieve – fail

add – subtract

adjacent – distant

admire - detest

admit – deny, reject

adore – hate

advance - retreat

advantage – disadvantage

affirm – deny

afraid – confident

after – before

aid - hinder

against - for

agree – disagree

alert - asleep

alive - dead

all - none, nothing

allow – forbid

alone – together

amateur - professional

ally - enemy

always – never

amuse - bore

ancient - modern

answer - question

antonym - synonym

apart – together

apparent - obscure

appear - disappear, vanish

approve – disapprove

argue - agree

arrive – depart

arrogant - humble

artificial - natural

ascend – descend

attack - defend

attractive – repulsive

attract - repel

awake – asleep

awkward – graceful


back - front

backward - forward

bad – good

backward - forward

beautiful - ugly

before - after

begin - end

below - above

bent - straight

best - worst

better - worse, worst

big - little, small

birth – death

bitter - sweet

black - white

blame - praise

bless - curse

bitter – sweet

blunt – sharp

bold – timid, meek

borrow - lend

bottom - top

bound - unbound, free

boundless – limited

bravery – cowardice

break – repair

brief - long

bright - dim, dull

brighten - fade

broad – narrow

build – destroy

busy – idle

buy - sell


calm - windy, troubled

can - cannot, can't

capable - incapable

captive – free

capture – release

careful – careless

cause – effect

cautious – careless

centre - edge

cheap – dear, expensive

cheerful - sad, discouraged, dreary

child – adult

chilly – warm

clean - dirty

clear – vague, cloudy, opaque

clever – stupid

clockwise – anti-clockwise

close – distant, open

cold – hot

combine – separate

come – go

comfort – discomfort

common – rare

complex – simple

compliment – insult

conceal – reveal

constant – variable

continue – interrupt

cool – warm

cope - original

correct – incorrect

courage – cowardice

crazy – sane

crooked - staight

cruel – kind

cry - laugh

cunning – simple


dainty – clumsy

damage - improve

danger – safety

dark – light

dawn – sunset

day - night

decrease - increase

deep - shallow

definite - indefinite

demand - supply

despair – hope

destroy – create

difficult - easy

dim - bright

disappear - appear

discourage - encourage

disease – health

dismal – cheerful

divide – unite

doubt - trust

down - up

downwards - upwards

dreary - cheerful

dry - moist, wet

dull - bright, shiny

dusk - dawn


early - late

East - West

easy - hard, difficult

economise - waste

empty - full

encourage - discourage

end - begin, start

entrance - exit

even – odd

evil - good

excited - calm

expand – contract, shrink

export - import

exterior - interior

external - internal


fade - brighten

fail - succeed

false - true

famous – unknown

fancy - plain

far - near

fast - slow

fat - thin

feeble – sturdy, strong, powerful

few – many

fiction - fact

find – lose

finish – start

firm - flabby

first – last

fix - break

float – sink

follow - lead

foolish - wise

fore – aft

forgive - blame

free - bound, captive, restricted

fold - unfold

forget - remember

found – lost

frank - secretive

fresh - stale

frequent - seldom

friend - enemy

for - against

fortunate - unfortunate

full – empty

funny – empty

future – present, past


gather - distribute

generous – stingy, mean

gentle – rough, violent

get - give

giant - tiny, small, dwarf

give - receive, take

glad - sad, sorry

gloomy - cheerful

go – stop, come

good - bad, evil

grant - refuse

great - tiny, small, unimportant, minute

grow - shrink

guest - host

guilty – innocent


handsome - ugly

happy – sad, miserable

hard – easy

hard - soft

harmful - harmless

harsh – mild

hasten - dawdle

hate - love

healthy - diseased, ill, sick, unhealthy

heat - cold

heaven - hell

heavy - light

help - hinder

here - there

hero - coward

high - low

hill - valley

hinder - help

honest – dishonest

hopeful - hopeless

horizontal - vertical

hot - cold

humble – proud

huge – tiny


ignore - notice

ill - healthy, well

imitation - genuine

immense – minute, tiny, small

immigrate - emigrate

important – trivial

imprison - free

in - out

include - exclude

increase - decrease

inferior - superior

inhale - exhale

inner – outer

innocent - guilty

inside - outside

intelligent - stupid, unintelligent

interesting – boring, dull, uninteresting

interior - exterior

internal - external

intentional – accidental


jeopardize - secure

join - separate

junior - senior

just - unjust

justice – injustice


keen – uninterested

kind – cruel, nasty

knowledge - ignorance

known – unknown


lack – abundance, plenty

landlord - tenant

large - small

last – first

late -early

laugh - cry

lawful - unlawful, illegal

lazy - industrious

leader - follower

left - right

lend -borrow

lengthen - shorten

lenient - strict

left - right

less - more

light - dark, heavy

life - death

like - dislike, hate

likely - unlikely

limited - boundless

little – big

live - die

lofty - lowly

long - short

loose - tight

lose – find

loser - winner

loss – win

loud - quiet

love - hate

low – high

lower - raise

loyal - disloyal


mad - happy, sane

major - minor

many - few

mature - immature

maximum – minimum

mean - generous

melt – freeze

mend - break

merry - sad

messy - neat

minor - major

minority - majority

miser – spendthrift

miss - catch

misunderstand - understand

more – less

much - little


narrow – wide, broad

native – foreigner, stranger

natural - artificial

near - far, distant

neat - messy, untidy

negative - affirmative

never - always

new – old, ancient

nice – awful, nasty

night - day

no – yes

nobody - everybody

noisy - quiet

none – some

nothing – everything

notice – ignore

now - then

North - South


obedient – disobedient

occasionally - frequently

odd - even

offer – refuse

often – seldom, sometimes

old - young

old - new

on - off

open - closed, shut

opposite- same, similar

optimist – pessimist

order - mess

out - in

outer – inner

outside – inside

outskirts - centre

over – under


pass - fail

past - present

patient - impatient

peace - war

permanent – temporary

permit - forbid

please - displease

plentiful - scarce

plural - singular

poetry - prose

polite - rude, impolite

poor – rich, wealthy

poverty - wealth

possible - impossible

poverty - wealth, riches

powerful – weak, feeble

presence – absence

pretty – ugly

private - public

prudent - imprudent

pure - impure, contaminated

push - pull


qualified – unqualified

quick - slow

question - answer

quiet - loud, noisy


raise - lower

rapid - slow

rare – common

rear – front

receive – send

reduce – increase

refuse – agree, accept

regular - irregular

real – fake

rest - work

rich - poor

right - left, wrong

right-side-up - upside-down

rough – smooth, soft, gentle

rude – courteous


sad - happy

safe – unsafe, dangerous

same – opposite, different

satisfy – unsatisfied, dissatisfy

secure – insecure

seldom - often

scatter – collect

senior - junior

separate - join, connect, together

serious – trivial, funny

second-hand – new

security – insecurity

sense - nonsense

shallow – deep

sharp - blunt

shrink – grow

short – long

shut - open

sick - healthy, ill

simple - complex, hard, complicated

singular - plural

sink - float

slim - fat, thick, stout

slow – fast

smooth - rough

sober - drunk

soft – hard

solid - liquid

some - none

sorrow - joy

sour - sweet

sow -reap

straight – crooked

stand - lie

start - finish

stop - go

strict – lenient, indulgent

strong - weak

success - failure

sunny - cloudy

synonym - antonym

sweet - sour


take - give

tall - short

tame - wild

them - us

there - here

thick – thin

throw - catch

tight - loose, slack

tiny - big, huge

together - apart

top - bottom

tough - easy, tender

transparent - opaque

true - false

truth - lie, untruth


under - over

unfold – fold

unity - division

unknown - known

unqualified - qualified

unsafe - safe

up - down

upside-down - right-side-up

upstairs - downstairs

us - them

useful - useless


vacant – occupied

valuable - valueless

vanish - appear

vast - tiny

victory - defeat

virtue - vice

visible - invisible

voluntary – compulsory

vowel - consonant


war - peace

wax - wane

weak - strong

wet - dry

white – black

weak – strong, powerful

white - black

wide - narrow

win - lose

wisdom - folly, stupidity

within – outside

worse – better

worst - best

wrong - right


yes - no

young - old


zip - unzip


Английские антонимы - список слов с переводом

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Друзья, сегодня мы будем изучать нечто новое и сложное. Мне всегда было интересно изучать лексикологию. Правде не все аспекты, а только некоторые. Так, всегда было познавательно узнать о неологизмах или архаизмах, синонимах и антонимах. Надеюсь, вы знаете, что это такое и нет смысла давать точное определение.

Суть в том, что все это слова, но только со своими определенными особенностями. Со мной поделились хорошим списком антонимов на английском языке, и я не мог не поделиться им с вами. Стоит также отметить тот факт, что вы не найдете русского перевода и это было целенаправленным моим действием.

Нужно повышать свой уровень, а нет ничего лучшего, чем изучать слова, отталкиваясь не от перевода, а от этих же слов, но только в противоположном значении. Предложение получилось «масло, масляным», но думаю, довольно понятным. Словарик получился в формате «English — English», а таких подпорок мало, что не есть хорошо. Будет наполнять и эту нишу разными полезностями. Вперед к изучению.

Список изучаемых антонимов с переводом:

absent – presentaccurate – inaccurateactive, energetic, lively – inactive, passive, apatheticattentive, considerate, thoughtful – inattentive, inconsiderateawful, terrible, horrible, dreadful – great, excellent, wonderfulawkward, clumsy – skillful, dexterous, adroit, deftbasic, fundamental – secondary, additionalbeautiful, attractive, good-looking, pretty – ugly, repulsivebest – worstbig, large – little, smallbold, confident – timid, shybrave, bold, courageous, fearless – afraid, frightened, scared, timid, cowardlybright, clear, vivid, colorful – dull, dim, colorlessbusy, occupied – freecalm, quiet, peaceful – noisy, agitated, excited, nervouscareful, cautious – carelesscheerful, joyful – cheerless, gloomyclean, neat, tidy – dirty, untidyclever, smart – foolish, silly, stupidcold, chilly, cool – hot, warmcomfortable, cozy – uncomfortableconfident, sure, certain, positive – doubtful, uncertainconstructive – destructiveconvenient – inconvenientcorrect – incorrect, wrongcrazy, insane – reasonable, sensible, rationalcruel, merciless, ruthless, brutal, inhuman – kind, merciful, humanedead – alivedeep, profound – shallow, superficialdefinite, clear – vague, indefinitedelicious, tasty – tasteless, unpalatable, inedibledifferent – the same, similardifficult, hard – easydry – weteager, willing – reluctant, unwillingearly – lateeconomic (situation), economical (car)educated, literate – uneducated, ignorant, illiterateempty – fullessential, indispensable, requisite, necessary, required – unnecessary, optional, dispensableeven, smooth – rough, uneveneven – odd, unevenevident, obvious, clear, plain – vague, obscureevil, malicious – kind, nice, goodexact, precise – inaccurate, inexactexpensive, costly, valuable – inexpensive, cheapexperienced, skilled, competent, qualified – inexperienced, unskilled, incompetent, unqualifiedfair, just, objective, unbiased, impartial – unfair, unjust, biased, prejudicedfaithful, loyal, devoted – unfaithful, disloyal, treacherousfamous, renowned, celebrated, distinguished, well-known – unknown, obscurefar, distant, remote – near, closefast, quick, rapid, speedy, swift – slowfavorable, beneficial, profitable – harmfulfine, refined, delicate, exquisite – common, coarse, gross, vulgarfirm, steady, stable, strong – shaky, unstable, weakfirst – lastflexible – rigid, inflexible, stiffforeign, alien – domestic, local, nativefragile, delicate – strong, sturdyfrequent – rare, infrequentfresh – stalefriendly – unfriendly, hostilefront – back, rearfunny, amusing, humorous, comic, comical, laughable, ridiculous – serious, gravegeneral – special, particular, specificgentle, mild, soft – coarse, rough, harsh, severegood, nice, pleasant – bad, unpleasant, disgustinghappy, glad, pleased – unhappy, sad, miserablehard – softheavy – lighthigh – lowhistoric (moment), historical (fact)honest, truthful, trustworthy, sincere – dishonest, insincerehuge, enormous, colossal, giant, gigantic – small, tinyimportant, significant – unimportant, insignificant, pettyincredible, unbelievable, fantasticindependent, free – dependent, not freeintelligent, wise – dull, stupidinterested, curious – uninterested / disinterested, indifferent, boredinteresting – dull, boringkind, good-natured – strict, unkind, ill-naturedlazy, idle – hard-workinglight – darklong – short, brief, conciseloud, noisy – quiet, softloving, fond, affectionate, tender – unloving, indifferent, harshlucky, fortunate – unlucky, unfortunatemagnificent, grand, majestic – shabby, miserablemain, chief, principal – subordinate, subsidiary, secondary, auxiliary, additionalmoral, ethical, decent – immoral, unethical, indecent, obscenenarrow – widenatural – unnatural, affectednecessary, required – unnecessarynew, modern, up-to-date – old, old-fashioned, outdated, ancientnoble, honorable – meannormal, usual, standard, regular – strange, peculiar, odd, unusualoriginal – ordinary, banal, triteoutstanding, prominent, eminent, remarkable – ordinary, mediocrepatient – impatientpolite, civilized, well-mannered – impolite, rude, ill-manneredpositive – negativepossible, probable, likely – impossible, improbable, unlikelyprevious, preceding, former – next, followingprimary – secondaryproper, appropriate, suitable, fitting – improper, inappropriate, unsuitableproud, arrogant, haughty – modest, humblereal, genuine, authentic – artificial, fake, fictitiousreasonable, sensible, logical – unreasonable, illogical, absurd, crazy, foolish, ridiculousreliable, dependable – unreliablerespectable, reputable – notorious, infamousrich, wealthy, well-to-do – poorright – leftright, correct, true – wrong, incorrect, not true, false, erroneousround – square, triangularsafe, secure – unsafe, insecure, dangeroussharp, keen, acute – dull, bluntshy, timid – confident, self-confidentsick, ill – healthysimple – complex, complicatedstrong, tough, sturdy – weak, delicate, fragilestubborn, obstinate – compliant, docile, obedientsufficient, adequate, enough – insufficient, inadequate, not enoughsuitable, fitting, appropriate – unsuitable, inappropriatesurprising, amazing – ordinarysweet – sour, bitter, saltytall – shorttense – relaxedthick, fat – thin, slim, slendertight – loosetrue – false, deceptive, misleadingunderstandable, clear, intelligible, comprehensible – unclear, not clear, unintelligible, incomprehensibleuseful, helpful – uselesswhole, entire, complete, full, total – incomplete, limited, partialyoung – middle-aged, old, elderly

P.S. Если вам не понравилось что-то в самом словарике, всегда можно подредактировать, а не писать комментарий «негодования». Я вам даю начало, а вы уже сами решайте, что с этим стартом делать.


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